The ACM Chapter at UGA is a student-run organization dedicated to fostering the growth of the technology community at UGA.

Our mission is to help advance computing as a profession, major, and community through local events and meetings. All students are welcome to attend our events and meetings, regardless of their area of study or experience-level.

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About Us

What is ACM?

The Association for Computing Machinery is the world's largest society dedicated to computing. ACM at UGA is a student chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery that is committed to promoting computing causes at UGA.

Our meetings have included workshops, public speakers, interview preparation, and other topics. In addition, our meetings are open to all students regardless of area of study and experience!

How can I attend ACM meetings?

The ACM hosts weekly in person meetings every Thursday at 6pm in room 328 at Boyd Graduate Research Center. No registration or reservation is necessary to attend!